Cars: Fast as Lightning for Windows 8

Based on the film "Cars," this game features car racing and city building for a family-friendly experience

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    Racing games

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    Windows 10 / Windows 8.1

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    7.6 (10)

Cars: Fast as Lightning for Windows 10 is a fun game that combines elements of both racing and fun. While it features some of the most beloved characters from that cartoon franchise, the game also comes with some brand new stories that fans will love.

The game sends you to Radiator Springs, the same town featured in the film. You learn that you need to race against other cars and use your race winnings to help rebuild the town. The higher you finish in those races, the more money you get. You can then use that cash to construct new buildings and decorations. The game lets you decide on the placement of each one.

Fans of the film series will love the racing aspect of Cars: Fast as Lightning for Windows 10. You receive a set amount of energy that you can use at any one time, but it takes energy to run races. The game typically lets you race three times before you run out of energy. If you complete challenges in your town, you get fuel cans that add to your energy. You can also unlock gems or purchase gems with real money. Those gems let you buy more energy and construct buildings faster.

As you compete on the track, you'll come across other vehicles featured in the film series and some new characters too. Some tracks are fairly straightforward, but other tracks will have gaps that you must jump or other obstacles that get in your way. The game does a good job of explaining how to race on each track and how to get past those obstacles and challenges. The instructions are easy enough for even kids to follow.

This game is suitable for even preschool children. Though it does include some on-screen writing, the game will also repeat those lines and instructions out loud to help younger children follow along. You only need to use a few buttons to make your character move and to complete other challenges. Kids and older players can easily pick up on how to play the game.

While Cars: Fast as Lightning for Windows 10 occasionally focuses a little too much on the city building aspects and less on the racing, it's still a fun game for Cars fans. It lets you race, build a town, and even create your own tracks.


  • Includes Lightning McQueen and all your other favorite Cars characters
  • Comes with fun racing games that let you race as a Cars character
  • Lets you use your race money to construct buildings and make your own unique town
  • Gives you the chance to build and customize your own tracks
  • Its basic controls are suitable for players of all ages


  • May need to use real money to advance as quickly as you would like
  • You only have a limited amount of energy to play
  • Focuses too much on building your own city
  • Some buildings take way too long to finish
  • Older players may find the game a little boring

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